Aesthetic and Tool Cosmetology

  • Duration40 hours

Subject 1. Anatomy.
Structure and function of the skin. Characteristics of skin types. Customer card (the face).

Subject 2. Dermatology.
Microorganisms. Epidemiology. Skin diseases. Primary and secondary morphological elements.
Demonstration / practice: Make-up removal

Subject 3. Peeling. Peeling Types.
Superficial peeling. Medium peeling. Deep peeling. Indications to peelings. Preparation and care. Tool peeling - Exfoliating treatment (COLLIN Paris).Main ingredients and their effect, application methods. Double action peeling - Purity Exfoliator (COLLIN Paris). Main ingredients and their effects, application methods. Enzymatic peeling - Phyco-Radiance (COLLIN Paris). Main ingredients and their effect, application methods.
Demonstration / practice: The procedure for performing of double action peeling-Purity Exfoliator.

Subject 4. Equipment and Tools for Face and Body Care.
The mechanism of action of physical factors on the body. Physiotherapy, used in cosmetology. Equipment and tools for face care. Galvanization. Ionophoresis. Disincrustation. D'Arsonval.
Demonstration / practice: Usage and practicing of tool techniques on a model.

Subject 5. Cosmetic Chemistry.
Classification of substances. Organic chemistry. Raw materials for production of cosmetics. Cosmetics: ingredients, characteristics, storage. Enzymes and their functions.

Subject 6. Hygienic facial cleansing.
Hygienic facial cleansing: indications and contraindications, asepsis and antisepsis. Main stages of the hygienic facial cleansing: skin cleansing. Peeling procedure, steaming out the skin with the help of Vapozone device, deep cleansing: indications and contraindications. Applying of beauty masks and serums after the procedure. Indications and contraindications to massage at hygienic facial cleansing. Homecare program.
Demonstration / practice: Hygienic facial cleansing procedure.
Basic dermo-cleansing procedure: stages of the procedure, cosmetics needed.

Subject 7. Facial care tools.
Ultrasonic cleansing, phonophoresis and micromassage. The concept of ultrasound. Its effect on regeneration processes in various tissues. Indications and contraindications to use. Precautionary measures. Demonstration / practice: Ultrasonic cleansing procedure.

Subject 8. Systems of professional care-treatments.
The concept of treatments. Main differences between treatments and basic procedures. Calculation of the cost of the procedure.

Subject 9. Alginate masks.
Chemical structure of alginates and biological role. Unique immunostimulating properties of alginic acid and its salts. The importance of alginates in medicine. Composition and characteristics. Indications and contraindications to use. Specifics of application.
Demonstration / practice: Procedure of applying of the alginate mask

Subject 10. Depilation with different kinds of waxes.
The structure and growth of hair. Types of waxes used for depilation, their composition and distinctive features. Special tools and equipment for the procedure. Safety measures. Antisepsis Cosmetics for skin treatment before and after depilation. Homecare. Protocol for hot and cold waxing procedure.
Demonstration / practice: Depilation of arms and legs. Post-depilation care.

Subject 11. Hygienic massage: Stage I.
The concept of massage. Indications, contraindications. Beauty hygienic massage (Russian classic, Akhabadze Massage) of face and neck. The effect of the massage on skin and body in whole. Force, hands pressure, speed and rhythm of the massage. Langer massage lines. Hygienic massage: Stage I - theory
Demonstration / practice: Stage 1 of beauty hygienic massage.

Subject 12. Hygienic massage: Stage II.
Hygienic massage: Stage II - theory
Demonstration / practice: Stage 2 of beauty hygienic massage.

Subject 13. Hygienic massage: Stage III.
Hygienic massage: Stage III - theory
Demonstration/practice: Stage 3 of beauty hygienic massage.

Subject 14. Hygienic decollate massage.
Beauty hygienic decollate massage - theory.
Demonstration / practice: Beauty hygienic decollate massage.

Subject 15. Hygienic massage. Test.

Massage of the posterior surface of the neck and hairy part of the head. Massage of hands. Massage of the posterior surface of the neck and hairy part of the head. Massage of hands - theory.
Demonstration / practice: beauty massage of the posterior surface of the neck and hairy part of the head. Massage of hands.

Subject 16. Eyebrows and eyelashes tinting.
Cosmetics used for eyebrows and eyelashes tinting. Asepsis and antisepsis. Precautionary measures. (Allergy test).
Demonstration / practice: Eyebrows and eyelashes tinting procedure.

Subject 17. Consultation of the client.
Practice before the exam. The initial consultation of the client. Diagnosis. Follow-up treatment. Filling in the customer's card. Prescription of home care to maintain a positive effect.

Consultation of the client. Filling in the customer's card. Massage (Required). Eyebrows and eyelashes tinting.