Massage Course

  • Standard Course. Duration1 monthCost2 500 UAH.
  • Professional Course. Duration2 monthsCost4 500 UAH.

Subject 1. History of massage.

Subject 2. Types of massage.

Subject 3. Work organization of a massage therapist. Ethics and culture of a massage therapist.

Subject 4. Human anatomy and physiology.

Subject 5. The effect of massage on the body.

Subject 6. Indications and contraindications to massage.

Subject 7. Main principles of classical massage.

Subject 8. Classical massage techniques (effleurage, rubbing, petrissage, vibration), technique and sequence of performance, physiological effect on the body.

Subject 9. Back massage, massage of neck and collar area, legs and arms.

Subject 10. Body shaping. Means and methods. Technique of anti-cellulite massage.

Subject 11.Types of wraps.

Subject 12. Honey massage. The effect of honey massage on the body. Indications and contraindications. Procedures and techniques.

Subject 13. Lymphatic massage.

Subject 14. The study of the nervous, lymphatic, skeletal and muscle systems of a human.

Subject 15. Using the correct levers of the body and the correct positioning of movements.

All those who wish to acquire a new and very popular profession of a massage therapist are welcome to our Educational and Cosmetic Center «START ESTET».


Massage is the most pleasant and natural health-improving practice that can restore vigour, youth, beauty and grace of your body, it is an art of touch that can do miracles!
The advantages of the training at the Educational and Cosmetic Center «START ESTET»:
A warm atmosphere, beautiful interior, and the most important - mini groups that provide individual approach, allowing for practical classes with maximum impact, giving the necessary attention to positioning of hands of each student, and this is very important! Agree, only after getting a decent education, you can become a good specialist!


The duration of one lesson is 2.5 hours. And this time you will spend on practice, not on lecture! Of course you will learn the human physiology, organization of the human body and the passage of muscles. You will not only learn, but also put the learning into practice.
Of course, a specialist who will teach you is very important. Only experienced teachers-practitioners work at our center.
We strictly do not accept new students into already formed groups.
Our reputation guarantees the quality of our work.


Upon completion of the training and successful passing of the exam the following certificates to be issued:

  • • Qualification Certificate of a Massage Therapist
  • • Collin Paris Resultime International Certificate, giving the right to work outside Ukraine